Badges – ringeth the eportfolio death knell?

Last night, Steve Wheeler pondered “Do open badges signal the death of the e-portfolio? #learningpoollive“. The sentiment of that conversation is that, yes, Steve and others believe they do.

I disagree.

The key reason I don’t believe that badges signal the death of the eportfolio is the purpose for their respective initial creation, ongoing development and real-life application.Read More »

Badge(r)s! What about the snake?

Badges. Open badges even. [cue music: Badger, badger, badger, badger…] They’re, like, totes popular right now, you know?

This is not a post about open badges, per se. Nor their application in a learning situation. This is not a discussion of their validity. All sorts of other people are talking about the “why” and the technical aspect of “how”. I want talk about the snake in the grass – the policy implications that need to be considered for any organisation looking to implement (or allow individual teaching facilitators to individually implement) them.

The topic came up recently in discussions with my colleagues and our clients who are keen to use badges in their Higher Education academic courses. As an example, a student is awarded open badges for completing assessments in a paid tertiary-level course. They are awarded extra badges for reaching certain grades, that may not necessarily reflect their achievement across the whole course. These badges are added to their LinkedIn profile, resume and similar. Potential employers can then see that they “achieved” a level of competency in a certain part of that course – is that accurate, fair, appropriate, scalable?Read More »

how come for why?

Every day I see tens, hundreds of links of interesting articles, usually on twitter. Some I retweet, others I just favourite. Very few I actually get time to properly read and analyse.

I feel like I’m consuming information, but only superficially. I feel like I can regurgitate what others think, quote, reflect, but there’s no space for my opinion. There’s no time for me to formulate my own thoughts or process my own questions.

I want to give myself a platform to process all the interesting tidbits I come across on the Internet, give myself a reason to go deeper, give myself permission to search and wander, give myself a way to ask questions and wonder.

So, I decided to blog.Read More »