how come for why?

Every day I see tens, hundreds of links of interesting articles, usually on twitter. Some I retweet, others I just favourite. Very few I actually get time to properly read and analyse.

I feel like I’m consuming information, but only superficially. I feel like I can regurgitate what others think, quote, reflect, but there’s no space for my opinion. There’s no time for me to formulate my own thoughts or process my own questions.

I want to give myself a platform to process all the interesting tidbits I come across on the Internet, give myself a reason to go deeper, give myself permission to search and wander, give myself a way to ask questions and wonder.

So, I decided to blog.

I want this to be where I wonder and try to answer others’ wonderings. I’ll try to link to articles that intrigue, challenge or please me – and then talk about why and what next? I’d like to build a collection of my ponderings the only way I know how – online.

With that in mind, welcome. I can only hope the rabbit hole isn’t too deep…

Photo by Kahiwa Sebire

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