A new path to wander

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s not that I haven’t thought of you often, of what I would say or things you might enjoy. It’s just, well, time and my own inability to organise myself…


You might notice a difference in the types of things I post from here on out in comparison to previous posts. And that’s because, well, here’s my official news: I left Blackboard in March. Although I tweeted about it a few times, there are some who still didn’t know. I wasn’t there as long as some people, certainly not as newsworthy as others, but the positive comments on twitter when I shared my news were rather soothing to my frail ego.

In my relatively short time as an Account Manager and then as a Solutions Engineer I was very fortunate to meet and work with some of the most brilliant minds in Australian #edtech and HE in general. I got to travel to the US and many new parts of Australia.

Most excitingly, I got to hear about a number of innovative approaches to pedagogy and learning design, specifically online course design. I had the opportunity to envelop myself in gamification and effective assessment design, learn about the struggles of competency-based education in a wholly online environment. I was left with the underlying thought that everyone is doing pretty much the same thing, struggling with the same things and all looking for different ways to solve the same problem; all looking for a magic silver bullet that may or may not exist*.

And it’s this knowledge and these connections that I’m looking forward to putting into practise in my new role as Senior Education and Communications Officer for the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, South Australia**. My team’s role is to support the prevention of corruption, misconduct and maladministration in public service in SA, through the delivery of educational programs and community outreach. I help design and deliver those educational programs.

On a personal note, I won’t be travelling as much nor working as long hours and now have a daily commute to the office – all of which means I should have time to blog more. And hopefully more interesting thoughts to blog about.

A key thread that I’ll be pondering is how to make boring legalese about expected behaviour interesting and (that dastardly word) engaging. How to make something a user is obliged to complete not feel like a waste of time? How to make it actually effective, with respect to modifying behaviour? Is the government sector ready for digital credentialing, i.e. Open Badges? What different kinds of “eLearning” will I encounter?

Well, here goes nothing…


*to steal a phrase from Mark Drechsler

**No, I can’t comment on any matters reported or investigated, past, present or future. I know nothing Jon Snow.

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