Just 5 minutes…

Reading through The Thesis Whisperer’s blog post about the exploring options for journal article titles (in the context of her workshop on writing a journal article in 1 week), I stumbled upon the her challenge to free-write for 5 minutes every day for 2 weeks.

Macbook laptop semi-open surrounded by dark

It so happens that every day, on average, I have 2x about 30 minutes of train travel of commute between home and work. I keep thinking I should be using this time more productively. I even had grand notions of using the time each day to draft/review/publish a blog post, in order to try and write at least once a week the myriad of thoughts that flow through my head.

So far, that’s happened sporadically.

But now, I think I want to try it again. I feel like it’s similar to quitting smoking – every time you quit you’re closer to being a non-smoker long-term. Every cigarette you don’t smoke you win, you save money, you increase your health. I really despise cigarette smoking and have tried multiple times to encourage my cousins to quit (once I made one cousin promise she would cut down one cigarette a week until she smoked none, because I’d seen that somewhere and it worked – it turned out she was just hiding her cigarettes and going down the path outside the house to smoke them. When I found out, I threw ALL her cigarettes in the bin, and threw water over them, just to be sure. That was almost a whole packet, I think. Perhaps $20 or so in those days?).

I digress.

I’ve tried to think of ways to make this happen for myself more easily.

I’ll admit, I’ve found the 20-25 mins or so of train commute (by the time I sit down and settle my bags, etc) to be a decent amount of time to write a few paragraphs about something I find interesting or that’s on my mind. It’s then turning it into publishing that’s the difficult part.

Perhaps if I tried a version of this 5 minute challenge from the Thesis Whisperer?

I’ve created a spotify playlist of instrumental songs that are approximately 5 minutes long (4:50 – 5:30 to be exact). The idea being I can use 5-10 minutes to write, 5 minutes to post.

I’m hoping – thinking that perhaps 15 minutes of almost-free-writing might work? I use evernote to capture all my notes, including interesting links, thoughts, snippets of blog ideas and drafting posts. I find it much easier to free-write on the computer sometimes. Other times, I use a notebook that I can then take a photo and save it up into Evernote and it gets scanned. It’s rather handy.

Again, I digress. It’s almost the end of 10 minutes now. I should summarise and have a point.

My point will be this: I’m going to, once again, try a new method to encourage reflective thinking in myself. And use this blog to do that.

Thanks Inger.

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