Rape ‘Artistry’ should be “UnAustralian”

The following is a copy of an email I sent to Minister Dutton this morning, after reading that more ‘workshops’ are scheduled to be delivered in Australia early this year by a group renowned for perpetuating and perpetrating violence and abusive behaviour towards women and, perhaps worst of all, profiting off the incitement of this deplorable and despicable behaviour in others. If you agree, you can contact Minister Dutton and/or sign the Change.Org petition to deport/revoke the visas of those involved

Dear Minister Dutton,

I write to you to request that the visas of anyone involved with Real Social Dynamics, including Julien Blanc, Owen Cook and Jeff Allen, be revoked because of their public history of perpetrating and inciting in others violence against women.

This current government has previously stated that

This man and this team are part of the domestic violence problem globally and contribute to the problem here in Australia. We know how many women died at the hands of intimate partners last year – the belief that it’s acceptable to behave in that way starts with the belief that behaviour such as belittling, physically restraining, physically harming, mentally abusing women is also acceptable. Our government needs to prove that women deserve respect. That decent human beings respect women. That healthy relationships form out of respect for women. That women are not sexual objects to be acquired and won. Our government can take action by refusing the visas and releasing a public statement as to the reasons behind it.

Do you think that women are less worthy than men, Minister Dutton? Do you think that women are less deserving of respect and safety? Do you believe that it is acceptable that men disrespect women? Do you think that men should have the right to commit violent acts against women?

If you allow these men to come to Australia and deliver their talks, you and your government will be saying exactly that.Read More »

It was a good day

Written this morning, on the train ride commute into the city… 

Today is a good day.

Forest scene - pic from unsplash

I feel rested after a week holidaying at home in NZ. I got to bathe in the wonderful comfort of family and familiarity, so warm that even the 40+ degree summer days in South Australia can’t quite compete. I got to see NZ’s beauty as new again through Mark’s eyes. I switched off from work completely – the first Xmas/New Year’s Day break in a few years where I could actually do that. And on my return home I got an afternoon/evening of doge cuddles, who smelled of home and happiness and love.

And now, it’s the first day of work for the calendar year.

I am optimistic again. Enthusiastic again. Feeling curious and empowered again.

I have big plans for today, and for 2016.

Recent years have felt like hard slog – demolishing, rebuilding, discovery, negotiating, crawling, recovery. Whereas previous years have required a complete demolish and rebuild of foundations – sometimes huddling in a caravan, avoiding leaks as torrential rain pours that halts any work – this year feels different. The foundations are complete and strong. The scaffold is there – it’s time to make it whole and beautiful.

How nice it feels.

Today is a good day.

Manakau, NZ - pic by Mark Drechsler