It was a good day

Written this morning, on the train ride commute into the city… 

Today is a good day.

Forest scene - pic from unsplash

I feel rested after a week holidaying at home in NZ. I got to bathe in the wonderful comfort of family and familiarity, so warm that even the 40+ degree summer days in South Australia can’t quite compete. I got to see NZ’s beauty as new again through Mark’s eyes. I switched off from work completely – the first Xmas/New Year’s Day break in a few years where I could actually do that. And on my return home I got an afternoon/evening of doge cuddles, who smelled of home and happiness and love.

And now, it’s the first day of work for the calendar year.

I am optimistic again. Enthusiastic again. Feeling curious and empowered again.

I have big plans for today, and for 2016.

Recent years have felt like hard slog – demolishing, rebuilding, discovery, negotiating, crawling, recovery. Whereas previous years have required a complete demolish and rebuild of foundations – sometimes huddling in a caravan, avoiding leaks as torrential rain pours that halts any work – this year feels different. The foundations are complete and strong. The scaffold is there – it’s time to make it whole and beautiful.

How nice it feels.

Today is a good day.

Manakau, NZ - pic by Mark Drechsler

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