IMG_2035Hi! I’m Kahiwa, thanks for popping over.

I’m from Wellington, New Zealand where my Maori heritage comes from Ngati Tukorehe, Ngati Porou and Te Whanau-a-Apanui. Now, I live in the outskirts of Adelaide. I procrastinate by playing ukulele, cooking, enjoying delicious wine, cheering for the Hurricanes, All Blacks, Wellington Phoenix and Adelaide United and exploring Adelaide and other cities with my phone or camera. Also the proud mama to a gorgeous rescued ex-racing greyhound fur-baby.

Currently I work as a Learning Designer for the University of Adelaide‘s AdelaideX team, working alongside teams of academics to develop MOOCs on the edX platform.

Immediately prior, I worked as the Senior Education and Communications Officer for South Australia’s anti-corruption agency, where my role combined instructional design, communications, LMS management, data analysis and eLearning strategy implementation.

I’ve also worked as a Solutions Engineer for NetSpot, one of the largest Moodle Partners servicing Australia and New Zealand and part of the international Blackboard Inc. family. Previously, I worked with the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment providing professional development and pedagogical advice to teachers and staff and supporting transformational learning projects with students across the Prep to Year 12.

I’m fluent in a wide range of educational technologies, from a technical, functional and pedagogical perspective. Specifically, I’ve worked in edX, Moodle and the suite of eLearning tools that are part of the Blackboard solutions/platforms, including the Moodlerooms managed-hosting and enhanced delivery model of Moodle.

I love to design and deliver learning experiences that value the previous knowledge and experience individual learners bring, whether it’s face-to-face or online. I believe learning should be about context, relevance and applicability. I’ve facilitated workshops from the practical building blocks (e.g. 5 essential ukulele strums and how to build them yourself) to the abstract flexible exploration (e.g. how to write a song in less than 2 hours).

I’m passionate about the potential for technology to transform learning for the better and am always seeking innovative ideas and thinkers to learn from and share with.

I look forward to the day “eLearning” loses the “e”.

Before moving to Australia in 2008, I studied a Bachelor Art (Spanish) and Bachelor Commerce & Administration (Marketing & Commercial Law) at Victoria University of Wellington. I have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and am currently trying to narrow down my choice of Masters (and subject area) to study…

If you’re wondering how to say my name… think about it like this:

Kahiwa is pronounced CAR-hee-wah

All views expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

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